Earwax Removal with Microsuction, is it safe?


Is Microsuction safe?

in general, ear wax removal by micro-suction is a safe procedure, however, as with any medical procedure, there are things that may go wrong. The risks are as follows:

Damage to or infection of the skin of the ear canal or the eardrum The procedure is noisy and may cause a temporary shift in your hearing thresholds The procedure may start or aggravate any existing tinnitus. The procedure may cause temporary dizziness or discomfort

If the procedure goes on too long, it can reduce the temperature within the ear canal. This can produce dizziness, in some people, it can produce full-on vertigo. In some susceptible people, it can turn into something resembling a scene from the Exorcist. Again, this is a very rare occurrence and most professionals will always try to limit the amount of time that the probe is in the ear canal. 

In essence, there are risks, just as there is with any medical procedure. The professional should do everything to reduce those risks though. The professional should also make sure that you are fully informed of the risks. If you have any other questions, please feel free to get in touch. 

Our trained and experienced audiologists ensure that they reach the root of your earwax problem via Otoscopy. Through this procedure, the health of the ears is determined, which makes sure that the process of Microsuction is entirely safe for you. In case our audiologists feel that it would be unsafe to go ahead with Microsuction, we will provide you with other options that can help deal with your earwax problem.

Simple, Clean, Safe.

Micro suction ear wax removal is undertaken using a medical suction unit and something to allow the professional to see clearly what he or she is doing. This is normally a microscope, loupe or endoscope. A thin suction is attached to the suction machine that can be comfortably place inside the ear canal. A skilled practitioner will only make contact with the wax and not the patient’s ear canal walls or ear drum.


How Microsuction works and safety measures

Microsuction is the most modern, advanced, safest, and pain-free form of ear wax removal.

The ideal miscrocustion procedure is carried out with a high-grade surgical microscope to illuminate the ear and magnify the canal and ear drum, so that the ear care practitioner can observe each and every part of the outer ear in high definition

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