How Adding a Shed to Your Home Can Also Add Value

For most people their garden shed is just somewhere to store a few tools, keep the mower and tuck some junk away. Often, they soon become pretty dilapidated. The door lock is rusty, the roof leaks, the windows are dirty and they become a home for spiders and other insects. You can see examples of the wrong kind of shed on this website.

How a shed can increase your property’s value

However, the thing is the right shed can actually add value to a home. A nice shed that can easily be used as an office, a small gym or exercise space or a chill out area is actually a very attractive proposition.

It is one of those features that can take a viewer from the this is nice to the oh I can see myself enjoying a glass of wine there stage. When they switch to see themselves living in your home suddenly they turn from a viewer to a potential buyer. They make an emotional attachment. A small one, but that can be enough for them to think of your house first when they are making their final decision. 

Get the scale right

Of course, you need to be careful to get the scale right. If the shed swamps your outdoor space, it could have the opposite effect. It can end up making your garden seem tiny, which can end up making your property appear to be less, rather than more, attractive. When choosing a shed it can be worth using some form of 3D garden design software.


How they can decrease value:

However, as you can see from listening to this interview if your main purpose is adding value to property you do need to be cautious. If you live in an area where per sq meter prices are low the chances are all you will do is make your home look more attractive to a potential buyer. But, you may not get enough extra money for your home to cover the full cost of building your shed.


Even if you live in a high value area you still need to be cautious and choose your building materials carefully. For example, it is far more likely that you will get back the full cost of building a wooden shed than you would if you build a metal one. This is partly because metal is a far more expensive building material. But, it is also to do with the fact that a pretty, ornate wooden shed looks much nicer than a metal one would. This means people are actually prepared to pay far more to own a home with a wooden shed than they would be for a house with a utilitarian metal one.

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