How do online lessons work?

Online lessons are easy. You and your Learning Institute teacher schedule an appointment for the online lesson. At the appropriate time, your online tutor will start a video call with you. You will now see and hear your teacher on the screen. And of course, your teacher can see and hear you too. You can start the lesson now.

Online lessons are that easy. Without travel. And the problem with the local distance is eliminated.

Best of all: You can look up your lessons again: 

If you want, you can receive this lesson as a video immediately after each online lesson. Your teacher will record the lessons for you and send them to you free of charge. Ideal for repeating or learning on exams and tests. So you benefit twice from digital lessons.

If it is helpful for online teaching, you or your teacher can provide the screen to the other person. So that you can see the teacher’s screen. In this way, you both have the same view of the lesson documents and can discuss something on-site like in a conventional lesson. And another great option is to work on a topic together with an online text editing program or a free online blackboard. In this way, more complex tasks and content can be discussed and learned. Your Learning Institute teacher will take care of all of these online teaching tools. So you can simply enjoy our professional, tailor-made tutoring or your individual language course from the comfort of your own home. 

Online language courses and online tutoring are very suitable for all subjects.

And of course for conversation courses. Especially for languages ​​and also generally for tutoring where there is a lot of talk and explanation (including math, accounting, chemistry, physics, etc.).

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