Is Capricorn Jealous and Likes To Argue?


Is Capricorn Jealous?

He is not a hothead and usually reacts confidently, but if there is a real reason to be jealous, it will be difficult. If the Capricorn has got it into its head that you played along with it, no matter how small the slip, then there is no going back.

The Capricorn is one of those people who, years later, rub their sins on their partner’s bread and butterBut the Capricorn is also conscientious. If he has been married for years, he will think about why the partner is giving rise to jealousy and is also open to a conversation.

In the case of young love, he will by no means tolerate such behavior. In his opinion, what crumbles at the beginning will not last long.

How does the Capricorn argue and how can he forgive?

Capricorns have their principles and do not like it when it is violated. Then they don’t hold back for long with criticism. But they don’t get quick-tempered. Capricorns prefer a factual conversation in order to resolve differences from the world.

If you get loud here, you get minus pointsBecause in the opinion of the Capricorn, who looks at things coolly and soberly, there is ultimately no reason at all.

This is exactly what can make others white-hot: this stressed objectivity and the apparent lack of emotions. The Capricorn actually has a lot of feelings. He just doesn’t let them guide him that much.

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