Is Ubot Studio A Useful Tool?

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Your marketing cannot get any easier than with this software. Drag-and-drop to build bots that solve your day-to-tasks while you build value where it’s needed. Built-in functions help spread the words you want on any Web site you choose – create accounts, solve captchas, and send messages with logic and AI. It’s perfect for everything from Social Media to keyword research. Windows integration, intelligent element selection, and proxy user-agent switching means no-nonsense interaction with any Web site

Bot Studio…is an infrastructural piece of the botting world. It lets people like me program and execute simple scripts in browsers without (really) knowing any code.

Do you need 100 Hotmail accounts? I got you. Perhaps you’d like some set of links auto tweeted? I’m there.

You want to scrape a few numbers from a government website or an online store? Easy. It’d take 10 minutes.

From “Welcome to the Internet of Thingies”

There was no way I could go through all those genres by hand.

But I also realized there was a way to scrape all this data. I’d been playing with an expensive piece of software called UBot Studio that lets you easily write scripts for automating things on the web….I decided to use it to incrementally go through each of the Netflix genres and copy them to a file.

After some troubleshooting and help from Bogost, the bot got up and running and simply copied and pasted from URL after URL, essentially replicating a human doing the work. It took nearly a day of constantly running a little Asus laptop in the corner of our kitchen to grab it all.

From “How Netflix Reverse Engineered Hollywood”



it’s so simple that a journalist (who has not learned to code) can do it.

From “Bots are Taking Over The Web”

 Ubot Studio Reviews – 4 Questions & Reviews (2019 Update) –

UBot Studio’s built-in features empower users to avoid the hassles of automating tasks, while quickly turning their daily routines into applications. From managing data, creating stand-alone bots and using artificial intelligence to find and fill-out forms, to building and tracking thousands of accounts and more, UBot Studio allows you to save time and money while monetizing your ideas.

From “ UBot Studio 5 Empowers Everyday Marketers to Create and Sell Software”

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