Horseback Vacation in the Yukon

Horseback Vacation in the Yukon is not for the faint of heart, this adventure through the wild of the Miners Range is for experienced riders. Hunters and trappers that explored the area a century ago broke the trails. Now we use these trails for our horse trips into the high country from our ranch.

Between Pilot and Flat Mountain you’ll find the spectacular views that make the wonderment and beauty of the Yukon a sight to behold. Our trails lead through highland brush areas, creek beds and open meadows. Once on your way in the high country, you can relax and enjoy the spirit of the Yukon.

The camp is surrounded by majestic mountains where wildlife such as Dall Sheep, Bears and Moose are often seen in their natural habitat.

You will be taken care of by 2 guides in a group of 2 – 4 guests. Your adventure is a hands-on experience including traditional cowboy meals like a “Son of a bitch” stew.

Day 1 We’ll bring you out to our ranch only 16 miles north of Whitehorse. All traces of urban life are left behind when our 136 acres surround you. After a brief introduction to our horses your first ride begins. A barbecue will end the day and your night will be in one of our cozy cabins.
Day 2 After a half day ride along, scenic trails and gorgeous viewpoints the horses will lead us back to the ranch where we will pack our equipment for the next day’s journey. A visit at the Takhini Hot springs is on our schedule as well.
Day 3-7 Our trek begins after packing the horses for the expedition and a leisurely breakfast. We are in Yukons gorgeous nature right away and our first stop is the base camp on a romantic creek, where we spend the first night outside. From there we’ll ride higher in the mountains were wildlife can be seen quite often. Dall sheep, Moose, Bears, Bald Eagles and Wolves co-exist in the pristine wilderness of the Yukon.
Daily rides have an average length of 5 – 7 hours with rest stops and photo opportunities.
Day 8 The ride back to the Takhini River and out of the bush creates a deep appreciation for the comforts and hospitality of the Ranch. Here your adventure ends and we will bring you back to Whitehorse.

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